Dunnavant is widely acknowledged to be the crown of civilization on the continent of Cressavis. Within this city, a council presides over the safety and prosperity of the continent. It's a prosperous city, divided into several districts.

City Districts:

  • Slums.
  • The Forge.
  • Holy District.
  • Mercantile Run.
  • Palacial.

Dunnavant Organisations:

The Gilded Coin - The cities sole merchant guild, responsible for keeping trade in the city flowing freely, and reporting any untoward business dealings. Members of the guild tend to have a hand in at least one business they helped to set up, in order to turn some profit for themselves. The guild is influential enough that they have a representative with a seat at the city council.

The Arcanists Needle - A gathering of the cities best and brightest magic using minds, dedicated to solving magical mysteries wherever they should arise, and researching the potential unchained magic could have, to learn how best to put abilities to use. Their founder is rumoured by those less magically inclined to be extremely long lived, beyond the founding of the city within which this organisation now resides. Said founder is also rumoured to have an honourary seat on the council.

The City Council - A collection of priveliged individuals from across the continent, responsible for overseeing the continued growth and expansion of the city, and ensuring the safety of those they serve.

The Low Arbiters - A glorified thieves guild shrouded in mystery to even it's own members. It's founder passed on many years back, and since that point, the person pulling the strings behind this organisations activities in unkown to the vast majority of the cities populace.

People of Note:

  • Hope - A Tiefling friend of certain members of the group.
  • Adelina - A middle aged human fortune teller, who has shown magical capability to aid the group.